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Social-Emotional Learning Best Practices

Benefits of Social Emotional Learning

The concept of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been gaining attention in the education sector as an essential component of a comprehensive educational approach. SEL provides a framework for students to develop essential life skills, such as empathy, self-awareness, and effective communication ...

A calm student applying social-emotional learning skills

Social-Emotional Learning Skills: 10 Questions to Ask in the Classroom

social emotional learning

The Benefits of SEL for At-Risk Youth

Transition Insights

7 Most Common Legal Errors for Special Educators to Avoid in the Transition Planning Process

One of the age-old fears of being a special educator is the reality that you may make a legal error in your service and engagement in the transition planning process.r …

Two professionals are exchanging contact information at a special education conference in 2024

Special Education Conferences 2024

A special educator working on overcoming challenges in special education

The Biggest Challenges in Special Education in 2024

Classroom Resources

screen captures from a lesson plan on self-identity activities for teens

Free Life Skills Lesson: Self-Identity Activities for High School Students

5 Icebreaker Activities for Teens That Aren’t Boring

5 Icebreaker Activities for Teens That Aren’t Boring

A teacher helps a student with building self-esteem

7 Self-Esteem Building Questions for Students

A girl rides her bike with her dog as she learns to be independent, one of the essential life skills for teens.

25 Life Skills All Teens Should Have Before They Leave Home

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