We believe every student should be prepared for whatever journey lies ahead.

We are driven by our passion for helping teachers provide their students with life skills essential to their success in school and beyond.

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in a future where students confidently navigate all stages of life.

We partner with educators to give them the tools and resources necessary to make the human experience feel less challenging and more rewarding – leading to a world filled with lifelong learners.

Ori Learning Mission and Vision

Ori exists to help and empower students.

Embrace a growth mindset
We approach challenges with curiosity and see them as an opportunity to grow. By keeping our minds and hearts open, we tenaciously seek to improve ourselves and the world around us.
Make learning equitable
By providing an experience that delivers life skills and makes them accessible, we can shape more equitable societies and systems.
Build better, together
Our collective purpose is what unites us and drives us to work hard together every day. We firmly believe that what we’re creating is essential, and we trust each other to do our very best.
Lead with empathy
By opening ourselves up to the perspectives, cultures, and experiences of others, we allow ourselves to foster a community of compassion.
Inclusively nurtured
We believe every mind deserves to be nurtured. We want to help everyone feel safe both inside and outside the classroom.
Empowering generations
We prioritize the needs of students and educators in everything we do because we believe that each generation has the power to change the world for the better.

The heart behind Ori

The Ori Learning platform was originally developed as an iPad app in 2011 by our company founder and CEO, Jon Izak, shortly after he graduated college. His drive and purpose were largely inspired by his younger brother, Ori.

Ori is a loving person, who happens to have autism. During Ori’s educational journey, he met many dedicated educators committed to supporting his growth. Their devotion, combined with Jon’s technology, allowed Ori to learn the basic life skills to navigate the world confidently.

Throughout the years, the app evolved into a platform committed to partnering with teachers to ensure they can focus on what matters most.  We have become a learning company that makes learning more meaningful and accessible because we believe that every mind has the potential to offer something beautiful to the world. 

Get students to arrive at their fullest potential.

Leadership Team

Jon Izak

Founder and CEO

Yaniv Yosifovich


Gennia Yosifovich

VP of Operations

Tess Hileman

Head of Curriculum Development

Alex Lumbard

Director of Customer Success

Destiny Crocker

Education Specialist

Cole Ganopulos

Head of Education Sales

Carly Reeves

Lead Visual Designer

Kerri Sumner

Head of Implementation

Cristina Garro

Manager of Operations

Kate Sundquist

Lead Curriculum Content Developer

Joshua King

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

Want to be a part of the Ori team?

If you have a willingness to learn and openness to evolving as we continue to be inspired by students to arrive at our fullest potential, you’re in the right place. 

Current openings:

Sales Development Representative