Inspire and Engage: The SEL Curriculum That Resonates with Middle & High School Students

Unlock the potential of your middle and high school students with Ori’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum. Our student-driven lessons, adaptable resources, and comprehensive monitoring tools foster curiosity and perseverance, empowering learners to thrive in today’s complex world. Experience the difference of a CASEL-aligned, inclusive, and engaging SEL curriculum that’s designed to meet the unique needs of your classroom.

Turnkey Solution

Enable high-quality, consistent SEL instruction throughout your district or school with our turnkey Social and Emotional Learning curriculum.

Sequential and Comprehensive

Continuously increase the depth of your students’ SEL skills from grade 6 through grade 12. Our fresh and age-appropriate content promotes active learning from one year to the next.

Fits Your Unique Needs

Multiple delivery modes, built-in accommodations, flexible lesson durations, and translation to 100+ languages provides the flexibility your schools, educators, and students need.

SEL Curriculum Overview

Comprehensive and ready-to-teach

Our CASEL- aligned Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum provides educators with engaging lessons that are inclusive, comprehensive, and accessible to a wide variety of learners.

  • 5 CASEL-aligned units per grade
  • Lesson guides to teach from a script or prompts + discussion questions
  • Built-in Accommodations and translation to 100+ Languages
  • Collaboration boards, project-based learning, and engaging video content
Sample Lessons

CASEL Aligned and Research-Based

Ori’s SEL curriculum includes 5 units per grade. Each unit is dedicated to one of the 5 CASEL Competencies supported by research in the field of Social-Emotional Learning.

Ori's Social-Emotional Learning Courses

In Unit 1, students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, pairing self-determination theory with growth mindset, the belief that our abilities are not fixed, but instead malleable, to set students up for academic and personal success.

In this unit, students will also learn more about their own identities, outlooks, interests, and mindsets.

Unit 2 focuses on emotion recognition and identifying needs. Students learn to see emotions as helpful indicators and learn to choose flexible emotion regulation strategies to meet their needs. They are also encouraged to seek support from others and learn strategies to relieve the uncomfortable physical effects of emotions.

Students learn how to use stress to their advantage while also learning ways to manage their time, prioritize their schedules,
and form habits that help prevent emotional dysregulation.

Unit 3, teaches students what empathy is and how to access it through perspective-taking. Students then learn ways to show compassion towards others in ways that are helpful by
anticipating the needs of others and asking when they aren’t sure how to help. This unit also provides students with skills they can use when they are unable to connect with others through empathy, like seeking to understand and agreeing to disagree.

research, Unit 4 helps students identify and recognize the healthy and unhealthy relationships in their lives while providing tools to build new friendships and strengthen
existing ones. Students also learn to have gratitude and consider the positive impact of relationships that have ended, as well as the impact they have on others.

Unit 5 provides students with tools to prevent and handle peer
pressure as well as think through the possible outcomes of decisions before making them. Students learn to consider immediate as well as long-term outcomes of decisions as well as who could be impacted by them. Students learn to recognize the positive impacts of their peers and how they can position themselves as role models. In addition, students learn ways to make reparations after making mistakes and learn a step-by-step process to help solve problems.

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