Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Our SEL curriculum is centered around the life experiences and ideas that your students bring to the classroom.


5 SEL Units per Grades 6-12

Ori’s SEL curriculum includes 5 units of content per grade level that correspond to the 5 core competencies of SEL identified by CASEL. These units include 25 lessons that are each designed to be delivered over one hour of instruction or split into a 20-minute core lesson with two 20-minute extensions.

  • Recognize their strengths.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Learn how to balance both positive and negative feelings.
  • Recognize how emotions affect their well-being.
  • Develop time management and techniques for handling and preventing stressful situations.
  • Learn how to evaluate their priorities, explore their habits, adjust them, and develop new, healthy ones.
  • Recognize the different factors that shape perspectives.
  • Develop empathy and the ability to express it through compassion for others.
  • Learn how to express respect for others, including when they disagree on a topic or position.
  • Recognize the foundations of a healthy relationship and when it’s time to change or end unhealthy relationships
  • Develop skills for building and maintain healthy relationships with peers, educators, and others.
  • Learn to feel gratitude towards relationships that have postively impacted thier lives.
  • Recognize the impact their decisions have on themselves and others.
  • Develop strategies for resisting peer pressure, making healthy choices, and anticipating outcomes.
  • Learn a 4-step process for solving personal, social, and community problems.

SEL Curriculum Overview

Our Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum provides educators with ready-made lessons that are inclusive, comprehensive, and accessible to a wide variety of learners.

  • CASEL Aligned
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Project based learning included in each unit
  • Accommodations and translation to a variety of languages
Promoting student voice and student choice

Our SEL curriculum is centered around the ideas and experiences your students bring to the classroom.

More ways to teach and learn

Teacher led, student paced, or delivered via live participation mode allowing teachers to guide the students as they engage on their own devices.

Data that drives better outcomes

Easily track student progress by accessing comprehensive reporting with class grade books, student reports, and district and school-level dashboards.

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