Ori's Comprehensive Transition Curriculum for Lifelong Success

Our transition curriculum includes 8 courses with 150 lessons of online instruction, modifiable workbook activities, and lesson plans.

  • Identifying personal strengths
  • Building Self-advocacy
  • Developing Self-determination
  • Exploring Career Options
  • …and more

Turnkey Transition Curriculum for Special Education

Age-appropriate for High School Students

Improve Special Education Transition Outcome

Transition Curriculum for Special Education

Comprehensive and Ready-to-Teach

Ori’s comprehensive transition solution provides online lesson content, assessments, and companion materials that automatically track progress. Provide your teachers with everything they need to improve outcomes and demonstrate compliance.

  • 150+ Lessons with interactive activities, engaging videos, and more
  • Lesson plans for every lesson
  • Formative and Summative assessments built with UDL principles
  • Modifiable, printable worksheets and connect to home activities in Google Docs and other formats

Research-based Transition Skills Curriculum

Our research-based courses target the critical skills to achieve and maintain employment for students with disabilities, according to the Zarrow Center at the University of Oklahoma, and the key topics identified by:

Transition Curriculum Courses

Students will learn to identify zinc articulate their own personal strengths and needs and will learn about character strengths that can help them to succeed in life after high school.

Students will learn how to set personal goals and will explore ways to successfully reach school, community, work, and life goals. They will also gain the skills be able to identify a goal and take actionable steps to reach that goal.

Students will learn the importance of self-advocacy and how to advocate for themselves in school, the workplace, and in life.

Students will understand the importance of self-determination and identify their personal motivations and interests. They will also learn how to combine this knowledge with the skills needed to demonstrate self-determination in order to achieve their goals.

Students will learn to identify challenges and use strategies to help them overcome those challenges to improve post-school outcomes.

Students will build interpersonal skills in the domains of communication and collaboration  and learn how to apply them in order to successfully take part in activities with other people at home, school, and in the workplace.

Students will learn to use appropriate communication skills to conduct social interactions at home, school, or in a community or work setting.

Students will explore the various career clusters and take interest inventories to identify their potential career paths. They will also learn the skills needed to research opportunities and companies, and begin the job application process.

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Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum
Gives educators the flexibility to implement the program in a variety of settings. Our courses align to the 5 Core Competencies identified by CASEL (The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning).