Transition Curriculum for Students With Mild to Mild-Moderate Disabilities

Set your students up for post-secondary success with a ready-to-teach transition curriculum based on UDL and featuring automated progress monitoring towards IEP goals.

Enable Consistent, High-Quality 
Transition Instruction

Ori Learning’s transition curriculum for special education comes packed with:

  • 300+ lessons, activities and videos
  • Modifiable workbook activities
  • Ready-made lesson plans and teacher guides
  • End-of-unit projects and take-home activities

Choose a Transition Curriculum 
Rooted in Research & Best Practice

Our transition skills curriculum is based on:

  • Research from the Zarrow Institute on Transition & Self
  • Determination
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness Theory
  • Brain-Based Learning

Want to see our Transition Curriculum in action?

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Streamline Progress Monitoring 
& Support Compliance

Ori Learning’s transition curriculum for middle & high school enables you to:

  • Improve IEP transition goal writing and data collection.
  • Establish baselines and PLAAFPs with pre-lesson assessments.
  • Access and export student IEP progress data with a click.
  • Demonstrate meaningful progress toward IEP transition goals with post-lesson assessments.

Choose a Transition Curriculum 
Rooted in Research & Best Practice

Our transition curriculum supports special needs students with: 

  • Translation to more than 130 languages for ELL students. 
  • Text-to-speech capabilities for those who struggle with reading comprehension. 
  • Text-size-adjustments for learners with visual impairments. 
  • Speech-to-text functionalities for students who struggle with written communication. 

Career & Employment Readiness

Identifying Personal Strengths

Interpersonal Skills

Building Self-Advocacy

Cultivating Communication

Developing Self-Determination

Exploring Career Options

Identifying and Overcoming Challenges

Setting Personal Goals

Workplace Safety

Getting the Job!*

Thriving in the Workplace**

Social, Emotional & Behavioral Well-Being



Social Awareness

Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision-Making

Vaping & Tobacco

Substance Use Prevention**

Skills for Independence

Financial Literacy

Community Involvement*

Daily Living Skills*

Request Scope & Sequence

Tailor Instruction for 
Varied Learning Environments

Ori Learning’s transition curriculum makes it easy to:

  • Switch between whole group, small group, 1:1, resource, independent learning, and homework.
  • Increase engagement with interactive live participation mode.
  • Plan and assign lessons in advance.

Delight Your Educators with a 
Platform Requiring Minimal Training

Our platform & customer support systems are built with educators in mind and offer:

  • Tailored implementation plans and end-to-end support.
  • Seamless embedding into your existing educational frameworks.
  • On-demand and live trainings & PD sessions.
  • Integration of student data, rostering & single-sign-on processes.

Looking for high-quality resources for transition planning?

Discover webinars, infographics, expert-written blogs & white papers 
tailored to special education leaders.

Navigating Legal Challenges in Special Education: Essential Strategies from Industry Experts

This invaluable webinar was recorded on Dec 14th | 2023 and it features Dr. Mitch Yell and Dr. Kurt Hulett, two esteemed figures in special education law. 

Special Education Conferences 2024

Conferences offer special educators the opportunity to discover the latest research, innovative strategies, and practical tools to enhance their teaching practice. They serve as as a platform to gather and share insights, foster connections, and address the unique challenges faced by students with special needs.

Elevate Your Team’s Approach to IEP Meetings

Our Transition Planning Rubric is designed to support district leaders and educators in guiding their teams towards excellence in transition planniang.

District and School Leaders Often Ask:

The Ori Learning Transition Solution is designed for students with mild and mild/moderate disabilities. The content is best suited to students grades 7-12 and ages 18-22+.

Our Transition solution is versatile and multifaceted. It enhances career and employment readiness classes by providing practical courses, lessons and resources that prepare students for the workforce. For study hall and skills sessions, it offers strategies and tools to improve productivity, learning efficiency and academic success. Educators may use the program to support reducing behavior challenges and increasing pro-social behaviors in their classrooms, thus allowing students to be more open and accessible to learning.  Additionally, it’s an ideal resource for general classroom settings, offering tailored support to meet diverse learning needs.

We offer customized onboarding for our tier one and two support partners involving a collaborative kick-off meeting, setting key goals and strategies, functionality training, and addressing account set up and any data integration needs. We also offer ongoing supports throughout the duration of the partnership including virtual professional development and regular progress reviews, ensuring a seamless integration into your district’s educational framework.

We offer Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities via Google, Microsoft, Clever, and ClassLink and rostering via SFTP file transfer, Clever, OneRoster or ClassLink.

The Ori Learning Solution provides text translation to over 130 languages as well as read aloud and speech to text translation capabilities. This allows the program to be used effectively with both native speakers and English Language Learners.

The Ori Learning Transition solution includes 20+ courses and over 300 lessons to support your students.  Examples of some of the course topics included in the solution include:

  • Building Self Advocacy        
  • Developing Self Determination
  • Exploring Career Options                    
  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Getting the Job!                      
  • Thriving in the workplace
  • Relationship skills                                  
  • Repsonsible Decision Making
  • Self-Management                                  
  • Vaping & Tobacco
  • Financial Literacy                                  
  • Communicaty Involvment
  • Cultivating Communication                
  • Daily Living Skills

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