Our SEL and Transition curricula prepare students to thrive in school, in work, and in life.

Ori’s Transition and Social and Emotional Learning curricula help educators cultivate essential skills and emotional well-being for all stages of life, both in and beyond the classroom.

Our Curricula

Transition Curriculum

A program designed for neurodiverse learners and features eight core lessons that focus on the essential skills employers say are fundamental to success in the workplace.

Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Empower students to explore themselves and gain unique perspective and appreciation for how their thoughts, ideas, and feelings impact themselves, others, and the places they live and work.

Featured resources

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Projector shining a light on Jody Sharp's face
Special Education Leader Insights

Leadership Spotlight: Jody Sharp

The Ori Learning Leadership Spotlight Series is dedicated to showcasing outstanding educational leaders who are making a positive impact in their ...
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Young female teacher holding a student's individual transition plan.
Transition Articles

What Is An Individual Transition Plan?

  For students with disabilities, transitioning from the structured environment of K-12 education to adulthood can be a daunting prospect.An Individual ...
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