Media Literacy Lesson Plan for Middle School and High School Students

Screen captures of a lesson plan for developing media literacy skills in teens
With so much misinformation online, it’s easy for students to get confused about what is and isn’t correct. This media literacy lesson plan is a great first step in helping teens navigate this topic. It will break down the act of “googling” for information and then help students figure out what they can and can’t trust. This is part of the series, Life Skills Lessons, which have been designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less.



Take a look below to see what’s in this lesson plan.

The media literacy lesson plan has three steps.

All the information is here for you to do this lesson with your students in 15 minutes or less.

It also includes free discussion cards that will improve how students research.

These printable cards have discussion questions already ready to go. Just print and cut.

This media literacy lesson plan will work well in both middle school and high school classrooms.

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