Icebreakers for Teens: A Life Skills Lesson in 15 Minutes or Less

screen capture of a lesson plan with icebreakers for teens
It’s not always easy to plan icebreakers for teens, but they can make a huge difference in building strong relationships. In order to be successful, you want a quick lesson or activity that is sure to get engagement from even the toughest crowd. This is where these icebreakers for teens activity from Ori can help. This is part of the series, Life Skills Lessons, which have been designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less. This one specifically will help teens build their communications skills while also helping them figure out how they can be alike and different. Enter your email below to get it.



Want to get a closer idea of what’s in this icebreakers for teens lesson? Take a look.

The icebreakers for teens activity can be broken down into three easy steps.


Introduce the topic, explore it with teens, and then review it. You’ll be able to complete this in 15 minutes or less.

You’ll also get a poster.

Hang this poster in your classroom or use it in the discussion of how we are all alike and different.

This print-and-play activity will get teens talking.

This classic “Would you rather?” activity is an easy way to get teens talking, discussing, and connecting.

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