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Wellbeing in Special and General Education: Harnessing Positive Psychology for Everyone

In October 2023, Dr. Patricia Wright and Dr. Katie Curran, acclaimed leaders in positive psychology and autism advocacy, delivered a transformative workshop to the Ori Learning audience. The recording of this online event offers a deep dive into the latest advances in positive psychology, equipping participants with five key elements to boost wellbeing and foster flourishing in educational settings.
  • Five Elements of Wellbeing: Learn about Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment, and how they contribute to flourishing.
  • Practical Skills for Wellbeing: Gain practical skills, tools, and knowledge to impact the social and emotional wellbeing of your students positively.
  • Enriching Learning Environments: Discover methods like Practicing Gratitude, Increasing Positive Emotions, and Using Character Strengths to improve student performance and job satisfaction.
  • Targeted Audience: Ideal for Guidance Counselors, General and Special Education Teachers, Special Education and SEL Directors, Principals, and School Administrators passionate about emotional wellbeing.
Whether you’re an educator, counselor, or school administrator, this session provides immediately actionable strategies to enhance your wellbeing and that of your students, colleagues, and family. Transform your approach to wellbeing in education with practical tips from world-leading experts. Fill out the form next to this description to access the recording. This resource will remain open for a limited time only. 
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Stefan Kalpachev