ONEder is Now Ori Learning!

I’m delighted to share an exhilarating development with you all: We have officially rebranded ourselves from ONEder to Ori Learning!

Flashback to 2011, the genesis of my journey started with an iPad app, dedicated to fostering communication and essential life skills. The cornerstone of my inspiration was my younger brother, Oriel, who is nonverbal due to autism. His indomitable spirit ignited the spark that eventually evolved into ONEder. Over the years, our core ethos remained steadfast –  ensuring students are equipped with the essential skills needed to thrive in all areas of life.

Now, as we embark on a fresh journey, it was paramount for me to choose a name that truly encapsulates our renewed identity, enduring purpose, and mission. Ori, inspired by my brother’s name, does just that. But, the thrill doesn’t stop at our rebranding! We are thrilled to introduce our revitalized Ori Learning curriculum platform, a comprehensive set of curricula, and our newly revamped website. Our new name represents a small fraction of the exciting updates we’ve rolled out.

Introducing the Ori Learning Curriculum Platform.

We have leveled up our ONEder Academy platform significantly. This exhaustive revamp introduces an unprecedented degree of engagement and adaptability. The platform now boasts a rejuvenated look, sprinkled with interactive features such as polls, projects, and real-time collaboration boards to sustain student interest and keep them engaged. Additionally, we now offer three distinct modes of delivery: traditional instruction, self-paced learning, and a pioneering live participation mode. This unique feature gives you the reins to control the pace of the lesson while interactivity and student engagement are enhanced as students interact with the lesson on their own devices.

Ori Learning’s Brand New SEL Curriculum and Enhanced Transition Curriculum.

Our new middle and high school SEL Curriculum, aligned with CASEL’s standards, includes an exhaustive course for each grade containing five instructional units tied to CASEL’s Five Core Competencies. The curriculum offers 30 lessons per grade level that can either be delivered as a 60-minute session or divided into smaller, 15-20-minute modules, providing ample flexibility to accommodate your schedule and needs. Each unit also features pre-and post-assessments and a choice of three creative projects for your students to choose from. Moreover, we’ve infused our Transition Curriculum with exciting new features, streamlined lessons for optimal use of instructional time, and more!

The ONEder Team’s Gratitude and Dedication are Unwavering

I extend my heartfelt thanks as we continue on this remarkable journey. We remain staunchly committed to providing you and your students with the finest curriculum, technology, and user experience. As our team continues to expand, our dedication to hearing and responding to our customer’s needs will never waver. We appreciate you accompanying us on this journey as we relentlessly pursue innovation and growth.


Jon Izak

Founder and CEO


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Jon Izak
Jon Izak is the founder and CEO of Ori Learning.