Social Emotional Learning and Transition Curriculum

Life can be hard. Teaching life skills doesn’t have to be! 


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Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum​

Our CASEL-aligned SEL curriculum provides students with opportunities to explore new skills and strategies to help them thrive in school and life.


Our age-appropriate Transition Curriculum provides students with the fundamental “soft skills” needed to achieve and maintain successful employment.

Powerfully simple

Ori’s curriculum platform is both feature-rich and user-friendly, providing unmatched student engagement, accessibility, and data reporting for implementations of any size.

  • Front-of-class mode allows for the teacher to lead instruction in a whole group or small group setting.
  • Self-paced mode for students to learn at their own pace in any location.
  • Live participation mode allows teachers to guide students through an interactive experience as they engage with the learning on their own devices.
  • Text and audio translation to 60+ languages
  • Text-to-speech
  • Speech-to-text
  • Voice recorded responses
  • Enlarged Text

Teachers have access to formative and summative assessments for both pre and post-course. In addition, we have a variety of activity types to support Universal Design Learning (UDL) strategies, such as multiple-choice, matching, sorting, short answer, paragraphs, and more.

Access comprehensive data reporting with class grade books, detailed student reports, and district and school dashboards. They can also review student answers, provide feedback in real-time, and assign retakes.

We offer dedicated customer success managers with education and classroom experience, lesson scope and pacing guidance, and both live and asynchronous training and support tailored to your specific learning models.

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